Every once in a while , you find someone who’s iridescent ,

and when you do , nothing will ever compare


CN: 刘珂 ( Liu Ke )     |     EN: Harrison Liu

I Am

  • 1996 Listening to my mother said that it was one o’clock in the morning, and a cry of sobriety declared my birth.
  • 1996-2014 Just like children of many families in China, I spent a small amount of time in my primary school and secondary school in a small county in the northwest of Jiangsu, Fengxian County.
  • 2014-2018 I studied at Nanchang University and majored in civil engineering. However, because of my interest, I switched to the Internet industry in the next semester.
  • 2018-Now After more than six months of hard work, I successfully entered an internet company named finereport in Nanjing and became one of the junior Java programmers up to now.



  • Python , BigData


  • Java Web And A knowledge system derived from it.